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Saturday, 24-Nov-2012 17:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
8 million pixel 3G flagship Samsung dual-mode w709 teem with 5

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) on August 30, 2010, Samsung W709 (licensed importers) in businesses "days new passage cargo phone network" of latest price is 3,680 Yuan (with votes), than zhiqian of price storm drop has 520 Yuan, price highlights. accessories has: double electric double filled, and headset, and data line, and 2G card, and handwriting pen, and skin set,. Samsung W709 is a paragraph support CDMA 2000 network of 3G double die phone. figure for Samsung W709 Samsung W709 uses a classic bar touch design, sharp lines, very atmospheric, the machine has a rich business. screen, Samsung W709 240x400 pixel resolution with a 3.2-inch touch screen, Displayed effect more clear. Samsung W709 no aboard smart operating system, extended capacity weak many. However in multimedia area, Samsung W709 Hou reset has a shells 8 million pixel of camera, imaging quality well, support automatically focus and Flash, operation, imaging quality excellent. as a paragraph CDMA 2000 network of flagship level phone, Samsung W709 support C/G double die double to, provides diverse of network select, to meet business people of needs. figure for Samsung W709 For Samsung W709 Samsung GSM,CDMA2000 data transfer GPRS,CDMA 1X,EVDO rev W709 network mode. A main fuselage main screen size 3.2-inch screen resolution of 240x400 pixels pixel memory 256MB camera LED flash support 8 million pixel autofocus support photo description support photo shoot video 15fps 640x480 pixel 3264x2448 pixel Bluetooth Bluetooth 2 Office tool supports PDF,Excel,Powerpoint,Word format GPS features such as built-in GPS, supports GPSone% 3C/CENTER> edit comments: Samsung W709 and other of CDMA 2000 double die phone compared to, main highlight has Hou reset of 8 million pixel of performance, in multimedia area performance was satisfaction. thrills a paragraph high-end of double die phone no aboard any smart operating system, inevitably some accident. currently Samsung W709 of price from 4,200 yuan of God altar Shang fell Xia, price upgrade many, however still exists larger water. Samsung W709 (licensed importers)% 5 reference b price of]3680 Yuan (vote)[ sales business][ business phone]010-68319570 86007885 13810006789 [ the sky passage of domestic mobile phone network store address-adidas.GD] Xidan Shopping Centre to the East (North Avenue of Xidan, Xicheng District, Beijing East pagoda in the alley opposite the 1th,) handset price quotations for purchase above, If you find that dealers give quotations in this article does not comply with article, please call the complaint phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone is a telephone complaints, will not be considered Advisory product price) * due to price fluctuations, so complaints for a period of 10 days from the date on which the article is published.

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First quarter profit of $ 108 million ranking WM HTC smart thr

Come from Taiwan, province of China, specialized in the manufacture of famous enterprises in Windows Mobile Smartphone products HTC (HTC) company has recently published its financial report for the first quarter of 2008, reporting on display, HTC company out in the past quarter amounted to us $ 108 million, to be better than the first quarter of 2007 rose 38.6%, setting a HTC company history and new record of profit growth in first-quarter profit, ranking Windows Throne of the Mobile Smartphone market. However, related professional analysts also pointed out that, although HTC company swept in the first quarter of 2008 in the Smartphone market, far behind rivals such as the Palm, but compared to the last quarter of 2007 performance, HTC company's turnover in 2008 was down 16.2%. in response to this statement, HTC response to senior management, In 2008 than in the first quarter of 2007 fourth-quarter earnings decline was due to the mobile consumer market gradually into the off-season, the international economic situation is not optimistic, the impact of global slowdown in the pace of economic development environment as a result of. photo: HTC company LOGO now, HTC at all levels are very satisfied with the performance of the company in the first quarter, And HTC in 2008 confidence in the remaining three quarters of development. it is reported that HTC will hold conference calls in 25th of this month, the news officially announced to the shareholders.

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China-Platinum-price Samsung SGH-d528 also addiction only 2,15

On September 23, 2006, parallel import Samsung SGH-D528 919 special mobile phone networks latest prices from 2,150 Yuan, standard, one-year warranty. the machine's biggest selling point is a stylish ultra-thin slider form factor design, and entertainment features are also very remarkable. photo: Samsung SGH-D528 phone Zhongguancun online mobile channel reports (September 23, 2006) Model Samsung SGH-D528 (Hong Kong parallel) latest price 2,150 specifications network frequency GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900MHz size 101x46x16 mm 98.8 grams 1.8-inch 260,000 color TFT screen parameters of material at a resolution of 176x220 pixels; 64 chords of the Bell System, support MP3, AAC, AAC , MIDI and other formats; optional ring tones Provides has 10 a not change of SMS ringtones for user select beats by dre pro pas cher, not support ringtones vibration (synchronization); recording maximum support 1 hours of long time recording graphics menu provides has two species nine block box of operation interface, common displayed format outside, also has FLASH way dynamic displayed of menu; Chinese entered T9 Chinese entered law; edit of process in the just to by Xia right features key can quickly of for input method switch, provides has Chinese phrases of input method greatly to improve has text of entry speed ; Short Chinese provides a storage capacity of 200; bulk SMS supports 20 mass function Multimedia Messaging provides 3M volume of 100 MMS and the storage limit; telephone directory of 1000 x12; card phone records; hands-free calling built-in hands-free speaker built-in games 4; Java games: Bobby Carrot, and Aiship Racing, and Arch Angel and the Freekick; RAM 82MB ; Radio support camera pixel 1.3 million pixel; sensor type CMOS Flash built-in zoom mode 4 times times digital zoom; and 10 level brightness of adjustment photos resolution maximum support 1280x1024 pixel; built-in like box 30 a like box; fun phase box photos effects provides has gray, and negatives, and dark brown, and antique, and Moonlight, and fuzzy, 6 species shooting effect; video shooting support audio video shooting; video resolution maximum can shooting resolution for 352x288 pixel of video fragment , Video recording time can be set to MMS size, and limited only by memory, you can also zoom in the recording process to adjust various parameters of the operation and the option; image editorBuilt-in has pictures edit Manager, to on phone by shot Xia of pictures or is fuselage memory in the by storage of pictures for edit. edit of content including for color effect of transform, and pictures size of adjustment and rotating, and flip, also can on pictures for cut, and insert phase box, and pictures, and icon, and text, content; video play support MP4 and 3GP video fragment of play, by Xia 1 key will to achieved full screen of video watch; Java extended Java MIDP 2, provides has 4M of space for JAVA program storage; TV-Out TV output through dedicated of connection cable for AV video of output MP3 play Manager built-in; support MP3, and AAC, and AAC , and MIDI, multiple format, support background play, provides has list play and different of play mode outside, its also support EQ regulation beats by dre, provides has classic, and jazz, and rock, and normal four species select; WAP browser WAP 2.0 Bluetooth interface built-in ; Bluetooth 1.2 standard, using MP3 play Manager of for music play of when to mix stereo Bluetooth headset for wireless enjoy, in speed transmission area, Bluetooth of receives and sent are stability in 40K around data line interface support mini-USB interface E-Mail support POP3/IMAP4/SMTP; calculator support schedule support units conversion support alarm clock alarm clock provides has full since defined ring downtown time of set, alarm clock ringtones not shared ringtones library, Shared sound library, supports the shutdown alarm clock; lunar calendar can be query supports the memorandum contact: Miss Yang electric : 010-51581539 010-51581565 : 010-51581539/51581546 : 010-51581589 QQ:188098086 Email: bjch919@126.com site: Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, building a, cast 612 (friendship hotel is opposite the East Gate entrance)>>> pale jewelry small hidden in the home router selection guide<<<

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HTC magic early adopters have cost Spain launch

Distance from HTC Magic in the United Kingdom officially 8 days on sale, HTC Magic suddenly appears on the Web page of Vodafone in Spain, and began selling the latest Android phone--HTC Magic. Spain HTC Magic than United Kingdom version of the expensive, select 21 euros per month package price of € 199, If select monthly 62 euro packages is price fell to 19 euro. seems wants to in world range within first experience this paragraph powerful of Android phone also is to pay must cost of. HTC Magic Spain opened sold HTC Magic phone canceled has QWERTY keyboard, therefore thickness and height than zhiqian of G1 narrow has many, features key distribution in trajectory ball of on both sides of. HTC Magic is a paragraph used Android system of phone, White slim fuselage, the panels can a 3.2-inch touch screen, resolution 320x480 pixels, is the function keys at the bottom of the screen and trackball. this machine adopts Qualcomm 528MHz CPU, 192MB RAM and 512MB ROM, runs smooth beats by dre, supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth blackberry, cell phones built-in 3.2 million pixel camera, supports auto focus. This HTC Magic phone supports quad-band GSM% 2FGPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz network, while upward compatible with HSDPA/WCDMA 1700/2100MHz, 3G, 3.5G, data network.

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Custom Palm Resort at&t two products available for sale this mo

United States telecommunications operator AT&T custom Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus announced today that two mobile phones, contract prices for $ 149 and $ 49.99, respectively. these two custom models will be shipping this month, consumers can get the products at the end of this month with the fastest. Palm Pixi Plus Palm Pre Plus is the company's recently launched products, and before Palm Pre compared to the biggest change is to replace the navigation key for the machine with a touch pad, but also some change the overall color and keyboard layout. Palm Pixi Plus adds WIFI capabilities as compared with previous generations. both are using Web OS operating system, has a very good maneuverability and scalability. these two products by the United States carriers Verizon and Sprint custom. Palm Pre Plus Palm while the WebOS system did extremely well at the hands of the company, but due to marketing reasons consumer recognition than the lower, Performance in the 2009 earnings downturn. recently the industry has repeatedly outgoing Palm takeover rumors, believe this AT&T custom two machines will help Palm company in the bog.

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